Apply to the Frontier Tech Innovators Program #FTIP2017

IDG Ventures India in collaboration with Axilor Ventures is launching a disruptive seed funding program for all the deep tech companies out there!

Are you working on a new-age technology which has the potential to transform society? Is your startup taking a ‘moonshot’ to solve some of India’s largest problems? Is your startup working on a deep tech innovation or a brilliant idea? If yes, we would like to connect with you.

Who should apply?
Young startups (preferably less than three years old) looking to raise seed or pre-series A round of funding in one of the following Frontier Tech areas

  1. Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning used to transform Healthcare, Finance, Retail and Business Operations
  2. Augmented Reality (AR) & Virtual Reality (VR) applications and content
  3. Block Chain, Bitcoin and the decentralized internet
  4. Consumer Internet and FinTech new age disruptive startups
  5. Drones, Space, Robotics & Autonomous Vehicle technologies
  6. Healthcare: Med devices, Biotech, Health tech IT, etc
  7. "Moonshots” focused on solving India’s core problems related to healthcare, education & employment with the use of deep technologies
  8. SaaS startups: Analytics, Security, DevOps, Cloud Solutions

Investment Process
Applications for the #FTIP2017 program open on March 6 and close on March 27. After all applications, have been reviewed, 20 startups will be selected for a quick process and will present to the investment committee for a potential seed stage investment.

To Apply

Or apply at:
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